In the words of Tim McGraw - I want my next 30 years to be the best years of my life.


I am not really interested in fitting into my old "skinny"jeans in the back of the closet anymore, but I do want to be well.


I believe in social responsibility. I want to leave the world a better place than I found it.


I'm not interested in preparing a four course meal every day, nor do I think it's necessary. ​But nothing beats a home cooked meal - even one that was prepared in just 15 minutes.


I am your farm-her, Wendy Gober - and my Hubster, your farmer, is Justin. 

We've all seen the documentaries. The news stories. And the Facebook posts.


Today's industrial food literally leaves a bad taste in our mouth. 


We hear mixed messages from everyone around us. Eat this, not that. No, wait, that's not good for you either. Watch your fat intake, your carb intake, your protein intake. Don't listen to him. Don't ask her. This has gone on for so long, we don't know whom to trust. 

Our grandparents knew...   Our parents forgot...   We never learned... how to cook spectacular, yet simple, meals at home.


Let's do better for ourselves, better for our children, and better for our community. Let's cut out the middle man. Let's simplify the food chain. Let's rekindle the relationship between the family farm, and the community it serves.


Are you tired of being consumed by consumerism, and want to get back to a simpler way of life?

We get you.


Do you have a beautiful set of cookware that is mainly used to prepare boxed macaroni and cheese?

We've been you.


Are you frustrated (and maybe a little petrified) seeing your aging parents take half a dozen different medications at dinner?

We are you.