BY the CUT


How was it that our grandparents' generation had the time to get a home cooked dinner on the table every day? ...without the convenience of a microwave? ...or an Instant-Pot? ...or without a dollar menu at the drive thru?

I know what it's like to work late,get caught up in traffic, and just give up and hit the drive thru. Why do the people in their commercials always look so happy, when I just end up going to bed sick and full and feeling like I lost at life???

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Pastured Chicken


You shouldn't have to check the label on your chicken to find out what else is in it. This is the chicken your grandmother would have given you to cure a cold. Just chicken, nothing else.

Pastured Pork


Better for them, better for you. Pigs raised outside where they can actually be pigs, not in cramped crates.

Grass Finished Beef

Have you never eaten a steak that smells like springtime? Let's fix that today.

Free Range Eggs and Gift Certificates


The most nutritious foods don't come from deep within a rain forest on the other side of the world, they come from your own back yard.